Create Your Own Calendar

Photo by   Greg Rakozy   on   Unsplash

Photo by Greg Rakozy on Unsplash

A friend called me a few mornings ago, "So you know there’s a full moon with a lunar eclipse and it’s messing around with your rising sign of Leo, right?” My response, “Huh, I knew I seemed a little more crazy as of late. Thanks for the heads up.” Then another friend called later in the day, “Hey did you know that the Lion’s Gate is opening soon??” “Lion’s what?” “Lion’s gate! I’ll send you the article.” Another friend texted, “When does Mercury Retrograde start? I want to be prepared!”

I don’t know about you, but it seems like everywhere I turn there’s some “huge”  energetic event that’s going to throw me for a loop, like a lunar eclipse or a solar eclipse or the lion’s gate opening or mercury retrograde or a full moon or a new moon.

And it seems like everyone is telling me to batten down the hatches and hang on because it’s going to be a rocky ride—my shadow side is going to do this or I’m going to let go what doesn’t serve me or old emotions will rise to be healed forever. Every day, it seems like it’s something new. It’s utterly exhausting keeping up with it. Lately, I’ve been going to bed thinking: Man, I didn’t take advantage of such and such energy and now it’s passed and I missed it.

But you know what? I’M OVER IT. I’m done. The energy is insane! Great. It offers me an opportunity to heal, let go, release! Great. I’m still done with it all.

So how are we supposed to navigate forward? There’s a few things to take into consideration. First, if you try to keep up with it: You. Will. Lose. Your. Mind. You’ll go crazy. And you will always be in a state of“missing” something. Always. That sucks. I’m in a state of missing one thing to another as mother—I don’t need that to creep over into my work too!

Second, and more importantly, you don’t need to wait for the next big energetic event to let go and release things that don’t suit you anymore. You don’t need to hang on for the right astrology to fully step into your power. You can choose to do those things any time you want, regardless of what day it is or where the planets are!

Are these important energetic events? Sure they are. I’m not say they aren’t. Can they affect you? Yep, but the cool thing is that it’s not about following or knowing every little last energetic event. It’s about finding the path that works for you and flowing with it.

My friend—who was asking about the Lion’s Gate Opening, which I’m still not sure I get, but I will totally be asking my astrology friend about it tomorrow—was wondering what she should do with all the information she’s getting tossed her way.

My advice to her was to create her own calendar.

Be observant enough to figure out what energy throws you for a loop or makes you dig deeper or feel more or heal. Then design your own personal calendar around that.

For me, the winter and summer solstice times rock my world, as do the full moons during the winter and fall(I don’t see the full moon here in the summer because of the constant daylight so maybe that’s why they just don’t resonate as much with me right now.) I’m an Earth Empath, so seasons, earthquakes, floods and weather anomalies are a big thing for me as well and can be disruptive. I feel the veil is thinner for me on some of the traditional pagan holidays, so I sit up and pay attention during those times. Mercury Retrograde throws me sometimes, so I’m aware of it’s presence but don’t wait on pins and needles for it to be done.

I have an energy healer/medium friend who’s energetic epiphanies come during certain religious holidays—Christmas and Easter and celebrations of angels and Mother Mary. She feels like the veil is thinner for her on those days.

My astrology friend is so in tune with the stars and planets—she’s like a walking Astrology Chart. She follows astrology very closely because it affects her deeply. I don’t as much, though I love knowing about it.

I love to watch each of my unique, awesome humans process their human experience because really at the end of the day that’s what all these events are about. It helps us to explain how we process our human experience. And quite honestly, if you just focus on being human and being present, you aren’t going to miss a damn thing.

My point is this—Make your own calendar. Be present enough and observant enough to say, hey this period of the year affects me. I’m going to pay extra close attention and give a little extra nurturing to myself at this time. (Then actually write this stuff down so you remember it next year and it doesn’t surprise you—this is really more of a note to self because I’m constantly caught off guard every year, until I remember vaguely, oh yeah the did throw me last year….)

So, pull out a notebook and start jotting things down. Put a date next to them and a few words about the energetic event that you really felt in-sync with—whether the affects were good or not so great and healing happened because of it. Then, look ahead and see when these events happen again and add them to your calendar. Next year, you will be so proud of yourself and the envy of all your friends, when you pull out your own personal energy calendar and say, “No, I can’t do lunch on Thursday. It’s a winter full moon and I get a little crazy and need a nap on that day.” They will be totally impressed! And you will be feeling empowered because you’re working with the energies that resonate with you.