De-clutter Your House, De-clutter Your Life

De-Clutter Your House, De-Clutter Your Life

How Getting Rid of Your Excess Junk Frees Your Soul

Spring Energy Clearing Series

Are you wondering how in the world does cleaning and de-cluttering your house do anything for your soul or the blocks in your life? Our beings are intimately connected to our surroundings. I’m a firm believer that your house can reflect what is happening to you on a soul level. Is your personal space messy and crazy and all over? Chances are you have had a crazy week and haven’t taken the time to take care of it. Chances are even better you haven’t taken the time to take care of yourself either.

Maybe your house is clean, though. Maybe it’s not something that you see—it’s something that you feel when you walk in the door. It’s like a heavy weight greets you.  There’s just so much…. stuff that you have to keep organized. You’re tired, unmotivated, and just want to curl up and hide from it. Spring Cleaning your physical space can help you clear these experiences and allow you to create something wonderful, welcoming, and amazing in your home.

How does it work? Every object we surround ourselves with has its own energy and influence in our life. Holding on to those old love letters? You may be holding on to that old love, too. But it’s not just what we are holding on to—it can also be how much we hold on to. When we surround ourselves with too much stuff, not only can we not find anything, but we can get lost on a spiritual level, as well. The clutter takes up physical space, of course, but it takes up energetic space. Space that you could be using to welcome bigger and better things into your life. The clutter gets in the way of your ability to connect to source, which is why the act of de-cluttering your physical space can actually de-clutter your spiritual self and create a clearer and calmer path forward.

We all have various reasons for why we keep clutter around: We don’t have time to de-clutter; we are attached to the things that are filling up our space; we are afraid that we will need it one day; it was given to us; or perhaps, it makes us feel safe to be surrounded by things.  These are all valid reasons to have accumulated the clutter, but not a single one of these reasons is good enough to keep the clutter. This excess stuff in our homes can drag our energy levels down, cause illness and depression, and can cause anxiety. So, if you’re serious about spring cleaning your soul, then you really do need to spring clean your house. If you do one and not the other, you won’t see much change in your life.

How do you physically de-clutter in a way that will affect you on a spiritual level? It’s time to start opening those boxes you’ve put in the basement and deal with what’s hidden there. Here are few guidelines to help you through the process:

  1. Be Gentle/Self-Forgiveness. Digging through your stuff can bring up a ton of emotions—from grief to loss to joy to anger. Be gentle with yourself. It’s ok to get upset or cry. It’s ok to be frustrated that you haven’t done this before now. Don’t judge yourself. Just take it one box or closet or cabinet at a time.
  2. Eye On the Prize. This is totally worth it. It’s a gift to yourself, even though it could be a pain now. Come up with an affirmation or a short sentence you can say for when you want to quit. You can write it on a post-it and put it up in front of you or write it on the box you’re digging through. It’s a way to keep yourself positive when you feel like you’re over it. “As I clear my physical space, I clear my emotional space.” “I clear my physical space to welcome new things that are for my highest and best.” “With this space cleared, I welcome new beginnings.”
  3. Ask For Help. Some of those boxes may contain emotionally heavy stuff: Dreams that never came to fruition, loss of loved ones, moments we aren’t proud of. Don’t be afraid to reach out to a friend and ask for help. You don’t have to do this by yourself. I once helped a friend go through the remaining boxes from her husband who had passed away. It was hard, but we cried and laughed and celebrated and did it together. There was no way she would’ve made it though on her own and no reason why she should’ve tried to. Reach out. Surround yourself with the support you need. Sometimes you just need a friends to say, “I’ve never seen you wear that ever. Let the shirt go…” or just reassure you it’s ok to be sad.
  4. Set Up for Success. Have boxes ready for things you determine that you don’t need. That way when you make a decision, the item goes into the box and there is no taking it out. Once it’s in the box—leave it in the box. One more time: leave it in the box. I label my boxes one for Trash(stuff for the garbage or recycling), one for Donations/Give Away and one for Keep.
  5. Establish Guidelines. You will be the only one deciding on what to keep. Ask yourself: Do I love it? Do I need it? Have I used it within the last 12 months? (This last question is usually the determining factor for the toss when it comes to our house.) Other good questions to consider are: Does this make me feel good? Is this something that matches with who I am today and who I want to be?
  6. Post Clean Plan. Before I even start, I figure out where my donations are going to and make separate boxes for them. I call ahead and know where to drop it off and when. After a box becomes full, it goes straight to the car to be dropped off the next day.
  7. Pace Yourself!! No one is timing you or judging you by how fast you go. Do this in pieces. Maybe take a weekend and just work on clothes or closets. Then next weekend, work on one corner of the basement. The idea is create peace and flow in your life, not cause stress. There is such a thing as clearing too much, too fast. Create a timeline that is manageable and you can stick to and that makes you feel good.

As you start to de-clutter, the most amazing thing will happen—healing. You will start to heal. Things that you were avoiding are finally dealt with. You can release the anxiety and stress from putting it off. Boxes of stuff that were left over from a previous relationship are gone. You can now attract a new, healthier relationship to your life. Some people even lose physical weight from de-cluttering!

As you release the junk from your physical life, you’ll also see the “junk” fall away from your emotional and spiritual life. It’s like sending the universe a huge sign that says “I am ready to clean up my mess!” The universe responds in like with helping you clear all areas, not just your home. Next week, I’ll have a tarot/oracle layout for those of you who like to use those divination systems for extra support!