Spring Cleaning for the Soul

 Spring Cleaning for the Soul

An Energetic Clean Up for your Life

Spring Energy Clearing Series

Spring is a time of new growth and re-birth. Mother Earth wakes up and transforms before our eyes. She lets the winter energy of hibernation go and moves forward into new life and new beginnings. Even we as humans feel the urge to “wake up” and get moving. We to long to tap into that transformational energy. But how to begin?

What about Spring cleaning? I’m not talking about cleaning your house(though that will be part of it). I’m talking about spring cleaning your life—using the energy of spring to clear yourself of the things that are no longer working for you or are holding you back. Think of it like sweeping all the cobwebs and dust from your soul map. All of sudden you see your path more clearly and are able to navigate more easily. A little love and attention in your life goes a long way in terms of facilitating self love and your soul journey.

This route will require you to get really honest about things. You’re going to be looking in-depth at your relationships, behavior patterns and habits, and all of that emotional and physical stuff you have ignored and tucked away into a box to deal with later. It’s about shining a light on all of it. It’s about letting stuff go and cleaning up “house” and airing things out.

Over the next few weeks, we will be looking at how clearing, cleaning, and de-cluttering your life can remove blocks and get you moving forward again. I’ll explain how energy works and why we need to clear it. I’ll teach you how to identify what kinds of things you need to let go of and then how do it. We will look at why the physical stuff we hold on to can hold us back and why it’s important to take a healthy look at our relationships and let go of some of them. I’ll even design a tarot/oracle layout you can use to help navigate the process.

Join me on a transformational journey. I guarantee you will feel lighter, happier, healthier, and more relaxed than when you started.