The Different Sides of Change

Love Note From Spirit

The Goddess Power Oracle

The Goddess Power Oracle

The Goddess Power Oracle

Elen/Patterns | Maya/Illusion

Elen speaks of the patterns we create in our life. Healthy or unhealthy, these patterns influence how we move through life in a very visible, tangible way. Maya speaks of the things we can’t see. The things that happen “behind the scenes” that influence our lives just as much as what we can see. This “invisible” side is harder to wrap our minds around, but just as powerful as the visible patterns Elen speaks about.

Both aspects of these Godesses work together resulting in what we see and experience in our lives. Both of the aspects can be shifted or influenced directly by us, so that we can change how we experience our lives. In fact, we MUST shift both aspects to see real and permanent change. If we only shift one, we will find that things fall flat or don’t go the distance. We must have BOTH action and intention and connection, working together to really make a change.

With Elen, it’s easier to shift initially. We can change what we do or how we do it and then we can actually see patterns in our life shift. For example, creating a new habit of exercise or eating well will allow us to see patterns in our health shift and change over time. It’s something that we can do with the intention of breaking old patterns and introducing new ones. These choices use our logical mind and that mind helps us identify what and where to shift based on previous knowledge or experience. And that’s great and necessary, but what if we ignore the unseen—if we ignore our intentions—our efforts won’t last or won’t go as far as we need them to. So what else do we shift? Maya points us in the direction of the unseen and working with the unknown.

It gets a little trickier when we look at Maya’s aspect of change. How do we change something we can’t see? We shift our intentions for things. We step back and we get a better perspective on what’s really going on under the surface, by connecting to Spirit and listening to our inner voice. We get clear about how we want to feel in our lives—not how we want our lives to look like. We connect with Spirit and ask them to help us bring this feeling or intention to fruition and then we trust them to help us by doing the “behind the scenes” work. The clearer you are about your intentions and the more you tap into your intuition to access that information, the more able you will be to create lasting and fulfilling change in your life—combine that with real life efforts and actions and you have a recipe for success!

What can you do this week to shift a pattern that you can see? How can you get clearer on your intentions and how you want to feel? Take a few moments this week to connect with Spirit and your inner voice and see what rises to the surface for you.

Cards used were from the Goddess Power Oracle by Colette Baron-Reid, published by Hay House.