Dream the World into Being

Weekly Love Note From Spirit

Keepers of the Light Oracle

Keepers of the Light Oracle

Keepers of the Light Oracle

What if changing the world was as simple as honoring your Truth and healing yourself? If you looked at it from that point of view, would healing the world be less overwhelming? Would you be more likely to step up, if you knew that by honoring, changing and healing yourself—just yourself, no one else—you would then change and heal the world? 

Here’s a secret: Working on yourself creates a ripple effect. As you heal, you are able to make decisions from your heart space and from a place of love. And Love is contagious. It spreads. First, to our family, then our friends and our neighbors and our community and then finally, the world. It may not seem like it but, you have a HUGE impact on this world. 

Your voice matters. What you do and say, every action you take or don’t take, affects not just you, but the entire world. Each of us dreams this world into being whether we intend to or not. Every decision you make contributes to the collective whole. What landscape are you dreaming into being? Spirit is calling you to be mindful and aware of what you are bringing into the world right now. It’s a call to have courage and trust that if you show up to do the work, Spirit will be there to help you.

This week, ask yourself what you are bringing to the table: Are you bringing love and compassion? Or judgment and fear? We create the future in the present moment. As you look around yourself, do you like what you see? If you planted a seed right now in your current state, what would the garden that grew look like? Would you want the seed of your future planted in the current landscape you are surrounding yourself with?

It’s time to honor yourself and those around you, by fully showing up in this life and claiming responsibility for all that you do and say. It’s time to claim responsibility not only for your own personal garden and landscape, but the Global Landscape—the Global Dream. Have courage and make the changes needed to dream a beautiful world into being.

Cards from Keepers of the Light by Kyle Gray published by Hay House.