Expect Miracles

The Holy Spirit, Lady Nada, Saint Germain

Keepers of the Light Oracle by Kyle Gray, published by Hay House Publishing

Keepers of the Light Oracle by Kyle Gray, published by Hay House Publishing

Miracles happen everyday to all of us; sometimes, we are just too wrapped up in ourselves and our problems to see the answers all around us. This week shift your way of thinking. Instead of wanting a miracle to happen, expect a miracle to happen. What’s the difference between wanting one and expecting one? Wanting leaves you stressed and constantly noticing the lack in your life. It makes you try too hard to manifest something that YOU think is right for you. Expecting one means that you are open to receive the magic in whatever form it chooses to present itself.  Miracles seldom look like what we think they should, so by expecting that Spirit has your back, you allow yourself to truly see the gift given. It’s a much more relaxing and soul affirming way to live!

The key to trusting that Spirit has miracles in store for you is to live from your heart space. You can ask for miracles all day long, but if you aren’t receptive to them or receptive to the idea of divine love, then you aren’t going to be able to receive the gift waiting there for you. You’ve got to live from your heart, not your head. Your heart will recognize a miracle far more quickly then that silly logic based brain.

You also need to cut things out of your life that don’t resonate with your heart. The more space you can give Spirit to work in, the more they can help. When we crowd our life with drama, unbalanced relationships, and work situations that over-take from us, we limit Spirit’s ability to work miracles in our lives.

This week, if you really want to see magic happen, you need to cut out the crap—behavior patterns, relationship, drama, etc. Identify the “junk” by looking through the eyes of your heart. Your heart totally knows what’s authentic for you and what’s holding you back. Then expect Spirit to fill this new open space with miracles. Expect that if you do the work and show up, Spirit will have your back. And remember: you are worthy of love and happiness and miracles. Say it with me: I am worthy of love and happiness and miracles!