Finding a Sanctuary

Finding a Sanctuary

Weekly Reading

March 26, 2017

Cave-Sanctuary & 8 of Cups

When you think of strength, what is the first image that comes to mind? Is it someone with strong muscles who can lift anything and has endurance to climb any mountain? Is it someone with a strong heart, who continues to try and try again no matter what obstacles present themselves? Is it someone with a strong mind, who can figure out anything through the use of logic? Whatever image comes to mind, each “person” taps into an open heart and the same inner well—their soul—to achieve their strength.

No matter what your strength may be—heart, mind, body—, you must keep yourself rejuvenated. You must fill your soul. How can you do that this week? By creating your own sanctuary. Sanctuary means different things to different people. At its core, a sanctuary is a place or space that allows you to find peace and shelter from the outside energies of the world. Your sanctuary may be a corner in your home you retreat to with a good book. It could be a place in nature where you go to feel connected with Mother Earth. It’s a quiet space. A space that recharges. A space that allows you to find your center. A space that is YOURS, where you won’t be interrupted.

Create or find a sanctuary for yourself this week. Maybe it's adding soothing items to a space you already have. Perhaps, it requires going on a hike to a place you haven't been before. Recharging for me requires that my sanctuaries need to be near water. You know you best.  Commit to spending time there this week. Commit to restoring your strength, so you can keep on being the fierce Lightworker that you are.

Today's reading used the Earth Magic Oracle by Steven D. Farmer published by Hay House and the Mary-El Tarot by Marie White published by Schiffer.