Finding Balance

Love Note From Spirit

The Angel Tarot

Angel Tarot by Radleigh Valentine

Angel Tarot by Radleigh Valentine

It’s all about finding a balance this week. We’ve got the fire filled energy of the Queen calling us to take a leap and really let our talents and skills shine through in all that we do. Sometimes, this firey energy can make us leap forward with out thinking about how we are going to express ourselves. 

Take a step back this week and make sure that your heart, mind, spirit, and body are all at the same speed. Don’t jump in haphazardly. Connect to Spirit and wait for the perfect time to leap forward. Allow things to unfold, rather than push them into what you think they should be. This may mean that in order to move forward, you need to let something end. Look around you. What has run it’s course and is ready to go, so you can make space for a new beginning? Gracefully release things that are no longer serving you and welcome the miracle that awaits.