Finding Your Abundance

Angels and Ancestors Oracle

Angels and Ancestors Oracle

Lady | Magick Guardian

This moment is full of abundance, joy and happiness. In this moment, you can have all that you need, if you acknowledge the power within you to make it happen. Often, we look at abundance as some force out side of ourselves. Something that will come to us if we meditate enough, manifest better or are just plain lucky. The reality of abundance is that it is always inside of us—even when it feels like it’s lacking. The key to unlocking it is to recognize our own power. We have to have the courage to unlock that power, respect that power, and being willing to nurture that power in order to release the abundance that is already present within.

What is one thing you can commit to doing this week that will acknowledge your own inner power and let your abundance flow? Comment below to get started on recognizing your power within!

Cards used were from Angels and Ancestors Oracle by Kyle Gray published by Hay House.