Finding Your Courage

The Enchanted Map

The Enchanted Map

Encouragement Reversed | Follow the Leader Reversed

We all mess up from time to time, whether it was from not listening to our hearts or maybe thinking we knew it all or perhaps we just got disconnected from Spirit. It’s that moment when things get really messy. We fall hard and the thought of getting up and finding the courage to try again is daunting—but it’s necessary. No one is going to rescue you. No one is going to save you. Only you can do that. Only you can pick yourself up and dust yourself off.

The key to trying again is to take a deep breath and come up with a plan. Review what happened and what went wrong. Learn from it and then try something new. And this time follow your heart and work with Spirit as your guide. Rather than judging yourself for your failure, learn from it and do better.

Have you ever fell flat on your face with something? What did you do to pick yourself up again? Share in the comments below.

Cards used were from The Enchanted Map by Colette Baron-Reid, published by Hay House.