Finding Your New Story

The Wildwood Tarot

The Wildwood Tarot

Five of Vessels | Knight of Bows

Sadness and grief can block our ability to connect to who we are at our core and to the Divine. This isn’t to say there isn’t a place for grief and sadness in our journey. Those emotions have great worth and bring their own gifts with them. It’s when we get stuck in the sadness or the grief or the loss that we become disconnected and lost.

This is a call to release those emotions right now. Let them go. It may mean you have to let go of your old story in order to do so. Grief and sadness are such powerful emotions that we can sometimes let them define us—let them determine who we are. But, we are not our emotions. Just because you are grieving, you are not grief. Just because you are sad, you are not sadness. You are just standing next to those emotions right now and at any point you can move forward and leave them behind.

If you’re stuck defining yourself or your story with these emotions, this is the sign that it is time to change paths. It’s time to shift directions towards a more fulfilling story—one with more joy.

Going Deeper: If you’re in the midst of trying to release your old story, you can call on Archangel Azreal to help you with this transition and Archangel Uriel to help you find light in the dark. Both of these Archangels are ready and waiting to help you. You just have to ask.

You can also call on Fox to help you tune into what is going on in your story right now. Fox medicine is extremely helpful in becoming more aware of your surroundings and to your emotional landscape. Fox can help you navigate these changes, especially if they’re happening quickly.

If you’re in need of light or love, comment below with a heart so that we can support you during this challenging time.

Cards used were from The Wildwood Tarot by Mark Ryan, John Matthews, illustrated by Will Worthington,

published by Sterling Ethos.