Flowing Within Structure

Flowing Within Structure

Weekly Reading

Milky Way Perspective and The Emperor Reversed

It’s time to get some perspective on how you are structuring your life. Structure can provide a stable foundation, but you can also go too far with it. If you become too rigid, you are unable to navigate life’s waters with ease. If you’re too loose with your structure, you are unable to make the energy work for you.  You’re looking to find balance this week.

Part of finding balance is determining what really matters and what doesn’t. Letting go of the small things—the things that don’t have a big effect on life—will allow you to flow through the week more easily. Anchoring yourself in the bigger things, will help you find stability.

What is a small thing vs a big thing? Well, letting your child wear two different colored socks is a small thing. In the grand scheme of life, it really doesn’t matter if their socks match. Meditation or your self-nurture time would be a big thing. It is something that keeps you anchored and grounded and affects every aspect of your life when neglected. Think of life like a river. There will be smooth, calm, flowing parts and there will be rapids. What you anchor into and hold fast to will be the things that end up helping you to navigate those rapids more effectively. Self-nurturing, supportive relationships, and being grounded can help you during those times.

Divide the week up into big and small. Invest your energy into the things that make the biggest difference.

This week's featured cards are from Earth Magic by Steven D. Farmer and The Mary El-Tarot by Marie White.