Goddess Power Oracle: A Deck Review

Kali from the Goddess Power Oracle

Kali from the Goddess Power Oracle

I just received Colette Baron-Reid’s new oracle deck, Goddess power, and it’s absolutely gorgeous! As you may know, I’m a big fan of her decks. All of them are incredibly powerful and connected.

Goddess Power comes beautifully packaged in a large box that contains the deck and the large guidebook. Once again, they’ve used a beautiful ribbon to help you get the book and deck out of the box. The card box also has a ribbon that makes it super easy to get the cards out without damaging them. It’s a beautifully done set and the guidebook is huge. Let’s talk about that, first.

Colette’s guidebooks always go above and beyond your typical oracle card guidebook. This one is no exception. She has a great introduction on how the deck was created and a large section on how to work with the cards themselves. She has included 5 new spreads that go with this deck specifically. She also included brief sections on how to work with a one card draw and how to use a “course correction” card. I’m a huge fan of the “course correction” card and I’m excited to see she included the idea in her deck.

The deck itself is beautiful. I was swept away immediately and felt the power and spirit connection when I first held them. There’s so much magic in this deck! Once again, the illustrations are by Jena DellaGrottaglia. They are lush and gorgeous and diverse. The Goddesses that chose to be in this deck are a wonderful selection and balance of the familiar and not so familiar. Each Goddess Card has two positions that are used: upright and reversed. In this book, the upright cards follow the “Empowerment Message” and the reversed cards follow the “Alignment Message”. I thought this was a great way to phrase the reversed cards—after all, alignment is what the reversed cards are calling you to do in any deck.

You can use this oracle for all different kinds of readings, but I think, for me, it would work best using it for tapping into the power of the present moment, release and alignment work, and building a personal connection to the Goddesses. You could even pull a card a week and work in depth with that Goddess in meditations and such.

All of Colette’s decks are able to be used with each other. I tested this out and the Goddess Power Oracle does work well with Wisdom of the Oracle and even The Good Tarot. I haven’t had time to try it with her other decks, yet, but I’m sure it works with those, too.

The only downside is that the finish on these cards makes them hard to spread initially. This is an issue with pretty much all the new Hay House decks coming out. After much use, this will go away, but it’s annoying when you first try to use them. It’s not so bad it detracts from the deck, though.

This deck is definitely worth adding to your collection. It’s unique, beautifully done, and powerfully connected to the Goddesses in the deck.

Cards used were from Goddess Power Oracle by Colette Baron-Reid, published by Hay House.

The Special Guidance Spread from the Goddess Mnemosysne from the Goddess Power Oracle.

The Special Guidance Spread from the Goddess Mnemosysne from the Goddess Power Oracle.