The Greatest Growth is in the Pauses of Life

Fairy Tarot Cards

Fairy Tarot Cards

Awakening | King of Summer

Sometimes, the greatest growth is in the pauses of life. When we think of change, we think of it happening fast, with lots to do and things to get done. However, this week change is taking on a different face. It’s going to happen in the delays, the setbacks, and the closed doors.

How do you work with this energy of suspension? Take advantage of the delay and surrender. Don’t judge what’s gotten hung up or detoured. Stay open. The pause gives you time to get a different perspective on what you’re working on. It gives you more time to listen to other people’s thoughts and blend them with your own wisdom, before making any more decisions.

With this suspension, we can reassess what we initially perceived to be true and take a gentler approach to what we are trying to accomplish. Tune into your heart to see how you can shift and rebalance what you were working on. Trust that spirit is working behind the scenes in this delay to get things realigned for your highest and best.

Where are you feeling delays or suspensions in your life right now? How are you going to relax into this pause? Share in the comments below.

Cards used were from the Fairy Tarot by Radleigh Valentine, published by Hay House Publishing.