Holding Space for Hope

Rainbow outside my home on August 30th, 2017

Overwhelm seems to be my in and out companion these last couple of weeks; popping in and standing next to me, until I stop and take time to step away from it. Let’s be honest: There’s a lot going on right now in the world to be overwhelmed about. Violence, storms, unrest—the list could go on for a while.

This morning, Overwhelm was sitting next to me while I got ready to meditate. The trigger? Feeling helpless about Houston. I’m so far away and have donated to animal shelters down there, but I was sitting there wishing I could do more, feeling like my donations were such a small drop in the bucket.

I asked Spirit what I could do to help more—do more—for the people and animals and the Earth, who had lost so much and were hurting so deeply. I happened to look out my window right after posing the question and out of the dense fog, a beautiful rainbow formed right before my eyes. I haven’t seen a rainbow all summer and then, when I needed it most, it appeared. Spirit is pretty amazing.

What was the message? Hope. I can hold space for all those who have lost hope. I can keep hope alive for them, so that when they are able to, they can step into Hope with me. The answer seemed so simple—I started to question it. Would keeping hope alive for them really help? I got a resounding yes.

How can one hold the space for Hope? You can meditate, pray, light a candle, devote a few minutes everyday visualizing what hope looks and feels like. There’s no right way. It’s truly all about your intention. Sometimes, hope is sending money or supplies or volunteering, but hope is also letting people know that you SEE them, you HEAR them, and you have compassion for them. In order to do this, you have to choose to step away from the Fear and the Overwhelm.

Today, be hope for someone who needs it. I invite all of you to step away from Overwhelm, leave fear behind and step into Hope. Hope for all the people in the world right now who can’t be in that space. Honor that space. Hold that space for them and let them know that you’ve got this and you support them.