Honor Your Boundaries

Weekly Love Note From Spirit

The Spirit Animal Oracle

Spirit Animal Oracle

Spirit Animal Oracle

This week’s advice: Honor your boundaries and be firm, but still be kind when you say no. As the Holiday Season approaches, you may find yourself feelings ALL of the feelings. Happy, sad, overwhelmed, triggered. Maybe you’re starting to get stressed or worrying about what will be expected of you from others. Perhaps you know this is the “season” where family members will want certain things from you—whether it’s time or money or participation. Or maybe it’s all those parties people invite you to and you’d rather just stay at home and nest. And the more you think about it the more stressed and over it you become—and it hasn’t even started yet.

Start firming up those boundaries now, before you get asked to do things that don’t resonate with who you are and where you are at. Decide now, how much is too much. Pick out now what you will go to and what you will stay home for. How will you know what things are crossing a boundary? If you’re sentence starts with “should” as in “I should go to that party or that dinner…” than that’s a pretty big clue. When you start to cave in and not honor the boundaries you’ve set for yourself, you start to get defensive with other people because you’re drained or depleted. And when you reach this drained state, maybe you don’t respond or speak from a place of love.

You can say “no” in a way that's infused with love. When you say “no” to something from a place of self love and gratitude—a place where “no” means you’re taking care of yourself, but thankful for them for thinking of you—it has a very different energy than say “no” from a drained place.

This Holiday season, rather than being generous with your time with everyone, be generous with your words, your gratitude, and your love. This doesn’t mean you have to spend hours at a dinner you don’t want to go to. That’s not love, that’s coming from a place of “obligation”. Instead, politely refuse saying that you are so appreciative of the invite and honored that they cared enough and loved you enough to want you there, but that you’re staying home this year to recharge and breathe. Remember, when you see the love in the invite, you are able to shine and reflect that love back to them without compromising yourself.

Cards from The Spirit Animal Oracle published by Hay House.