Importance of Love

Importance of Love

How We Understand the Role Love Plays in Our Life

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Queen of Cups Reversed & The Shadow Queen Reversed

What part do you play in your life? In your emotional state? As Valentine’s Day approaches, we become hyper aware of the love in our life—whether it be romantic or otherwise. Some of us look to see where that love is lacking. Some of us see the part of love that flows. The question you must ask yourself in terms of love is: What part do I play in how love enters and exists in my life? It’s a pretty big question and one you may not be able to answer right away. That’s ok. It’s worth taking the time to think this over because where you are in your love relationships is because of your view point and understanding of what love is.

Belief systems and past experiences play a huge part in how we understand and welcome love into our lives. These belief systems are often created when we are young and are usually developed out of a need to protect ourselves in some way. Some people may develop the idea that they aren’t worthy of love, so they never truly embrace it. Some may think that if they play it safe and keep love at a distance they won’t get hurt, so they never deeply feel it. Some may feed off of having people love them, as a way to boost their self-esteem, so they inhale it and live off of it, ignoring everything else. Some believe that you only feel love when you give, give, give, so they never truly find love for themselves—only sacrifice.

There are many different ways and reasons that we allow love in our lives. It’s time to look at your whys—even if you feel like love is flowing all over the place and life is good. Its important that you understand why you love the way you love. It can give you critical insight on how you approach the world around you. And that world, right now, is in need of people who understand what love is. Take the time and effort and begin your journey into understanding.

Decks used were the Mary-El Tarot by Marie White and the Wisdom of the Hidden Realms Oracle by Colette Baron-Reid.

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