Learning from the Past

Learning from the Past

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I wasn’t surprised that our lovely friend Rafiki from The Lion King had these words of wisdom to share. The past can hurt. It can makes us uncomfortable. We can carry around emotional and spiritual wounds from it. Sometimes these wounds are so deep that they cripple us in the present.

You have two choices: you can either stuff these wounds and hurt all the way to the back of your soul closet, letting it ferment and fester or you can pull those experiences out and learn from them. I know which one I choose.

So how do we make these painful experiences into learning experiences? When you look at your past ask yourself these questions:  What can I learn from that? How am I different now? What pattern exists with these hurts? Is that pattern still playing out in my life now?

Identifying the patterns of learning helps us to identify what soul lessons we may be working on. Looking back allows us to see the patterns and lessons more clearly and gives us the ability to learn on a deeper, more permanent level.

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