Lessons Can Be Positive


When I think of lessons, often my mind goes towards the negative: things that are painful or didn't work out, times when I made mistakes or was just totally asleep at the wheel. But, what if lessons are also things that are positive? I don't mean finding a positive spin to a lesson--I mean actually just positive.

Last week, I looked around and realized I was really, truly, deeply happy. There was such a feeling of deep satisfaction combined with a sense of peace about where I was and what I was doing. This isn't to say that life was super smooth last week. Not at all. Life was rather chaotic and uncharted at that moment, but in that chaos was where the lesson was. I had finally been given the chance in my life to find happiness and joy in life, even when it was messy. So where was the lesson in that?

The lesson was that I had been given an opportunity to choose joy despite the external circumstances—and I actually did, without even realizing it at the time. It was just my first reaction, as if there weren't any other clear choice, but that. The lesson was that all the daily work and soul work was finally rising to the surface to be seen. When I realized it, my breath caught in my throat and I closed my eyes and just committed to memory what that feeling felt like.

What positive lessons are you learning in your life right now? What makes you catch your breath out of awe? Where is there grace in your life right now?