Life: Uncharted Adventure

Life: Uncharted Adventure

Disney Inspiration Series

Adventures in Mediumship

Life is always an adventure--an ever changing path. It’s a good thing I’ve learned to love adventures! If you had asked me 15 years ago where I would be, I never would have said living in Alaska being a medium and intuitive advisor. I would have come up with a list of other things: World Traveler, Singer, Actor, Vocal Coach. I would’ve said I’d be living in: New York, Paris, Los Angeles, Savannah, Hong Kong. This is what makes our journey here on Earth so amazing and sometimes scary: We never know what is coming next and where it might lead us.

When I moved to New York City in 2001, my intention was to be a musical theater actor. I would’ve told you there was nothing in the whole world that I would rather do. That was it. That was my calling, my life purpose. When I left NYC in 2008, I had some serious self- doubt. Intuitively I knew it was time to leave for new adventures, but did that make the last seven years a waste of my time? Was I wrong that whole time? The short answer? Nope. I was completely where I needed to be, doing what I needed to do. I was collecting experiences and information that contributed to every single thing I do today.

Though the years I have gone through many different careers and passions. I have been a bartender, a personal assistant, a flight attendant, a vocal coach, an actor, a singer, a piano teacher, a mother, a medium. Some of these things have stayed the same. Some have been left behind or have changed into something else. But through it all, I was living my soul purpose.

Now you may be thinking: "Wait, what? I thought soul purpose was one big final thing. It’s that one job or that one way to live." I’m here to tell you that our paths are fluid. They may change considerably over time because of our life choices and experiences, but we always end up where we need to be on our Soul Map. The Universe keeps giving us opportunities to fulfill our purpose every single day.

I challenge you to look back over your life and all of its different incarnations. How have they led you to where you are right now? Do you like where you are? If not, maybe there’s something to be learned at this moment that facilitates you moving forward.

I couldn’t have planned this life more perfectly. Through a series of “coincidences”, I have met a man that I love, had a child that surprises me every day with her insights, have traveled the world, have met friends who are soulmates and have discovered so much about this life and why I am here. It doesn’t match up to the 20-something vision I had, but it doesn’t need to. My path has led me exactly to where I needed to be—which is right here, in Alaska, doing my thing. I know for a fact that my path will lead me to something different—as soon as Spring of 2018. I look forward to the next uncharted adventure with optimism and curiosity….