Mistakes Happen

Weekly Love Note From Spirit

The Enchanted Map Oracle


Love Note From Spirit

Mistakes happen. It doesn’t mean they happened because we’re not safe or protected or that Spirit “let us down”. Mistakes are how we gain wisdom. If we let our mistakes hold us back because we fear making another one, we will never move forward.

Spirit says: “If you’re wondering if you’re going to make another mistake in the future, let us reassure you—you will. The key to mistakes is understanding what you’re learning from them and then using that experience to vault forward. Don’t let your fear of doing something the ‘wrong way’ keep you from experiencing life’s adventure. Trust us. You are safe and you are protected. Let go of the fear and focus on coming from a place of love. By having love be your focus, even if you make a mistake, we will catch you and help you get moving in a different direction. A direction that holds more wisdom and insight than the one before.”

Cards from The Enchanted Map Oracle by Colette Baron-Reid/Protecting Treasure/Moonlight Reversed