Nature Inspired~Samara

Morning Reflection

Samara ~ Frank Lloyd Wright

I just wanted to share something beautiful with you all after this long weekend. 

I took advantage of the Holiday weekend and took some time away from work for some much needed rest and relaxation and to complete one of my Indiana bucket list items. I finally took a tour of the Frank Lloyd Wright Samara house (SAMARA - John E. Christian House) that is just a short hop from where I live. It was gorgeous! 

Being in a house that is designed to enhance our connection with Nature made me realize how much stress and tension we carry around when our living spaces are cluttered and closed off. The lightness and expansion I felt while in the house inspired me to go home and work on simplifying our space more than we’ve already done. Where in your space can you invite Nature in and what can you release today that would make your space feel more open and connected?