Overcome Your Obstacles

Love Note From Spirit

The Spirit Animal Oracle

The Spirit Animal Oracle

The Spirit Animal Oracle

Rhino Spirit | Otter Spirit in Protection | Cat Spirit in Protection

Does it feel like obstacles are getting in your way and halting your progress? Maybe things aren’t going as planned? This week you have the ability and the potential to overcome these perceived “blocks”. There is always a way around them, if you look at it from the right perspective. What are some ways to get perspective?

One way is to spread the love around to prevent yourself from getting hyper focused on one thing. We’ve all done it. We all have that one project or situation or relationship that we just want to make work, so we push all our energy and love into it trying to make it come to life—only to watch it come to a screeching halt. It can be maddening and disheartening. To diffuse the frustration, diversify where you are sending all that love and energy. Start a couple of other projects you’ve been meaning to work on, but haven’t gotten around to yet. Spend time with other people and give that one problematic relationship a break. This gives you a chance to let go of what you think is failing and focus on something else. It also gives you an opportunity to infuse yourself with love and creativity again, which will help when you return back to that more stubborn situation.

Another way to get perspective is to step back and see what lessons your failures have to offer. Ask yourself this: Are these blocks a re-direct from Spirit? What other ways could I look at this or what other directions could I take this in? What am I learning about myself right now? Remind yourself that this is about the journey and even though you feel like you’re failing now, you may be on the path to a greatness you have yet to see.

There is always a way to turn those blocks into stepping stones. You just need to get a little creative and open up to possibilities you can’t yet see. Call on Rhino Spirit, Cat Spirit, and Otter Spirit for a helping hand up and out of the muck.

I’ve developed a very short visualization to help you connect with your Spirit Team and hand the issue, situation, problem over to them. I do this every time I’m dealing with a situation that is beyond my control or if I’m dealing with moving forward into the unknown. Let me know your experiences with it!

Cards used were from The Spirit Animal Oracle by Colette Baron-Reid published by Hay House.