Peer Into Your Shadow Boxes

The Angels & Ancestors Oracle

The Angels & Ancestors Oracle

Moon | Shaman

The shadow side isn’t something that should be feared or ignored and put in a box to “deal with later”. It plays a really important part in seeing what is in your way. Maybe you need to heal something within or work on forgiveness. Perhaps, it’s time to look at your self worth and see what’s holding you back from really and truly loving yourself. Peer into your shadow and see what negative patterns need to be released.

When you ignore those shadows, you deprive them of what they need most—attention, light and love. By denying yourself the love you desperately need to heal and move forward, you lose some of your power. This can wreak all kinds of havoc in your life. This is a call to have courage and look into your shadow boxes. What can you unpack that will bring back your power and allow you to shine bright?

What shadows are you working on right now or what box are you ignoring? There is power in sharing—feel free to post below.

Cards used were from The Angles & Ancestors Oracle Deck by Kyle Gray published by Hay House Publishing.