Spinning Out & Moving Forward

From Wisdom of the Hidden Realms by Colette Baron-Reid

From Wisdom of the Hidden Realms by Colette Baron-Reid

It seems as if the world is spinning so fast that we are struggling to stay on it’s wild ride--one whirlwind event after another, with never a moment in between to stop and get our bearings again. It’s exhausting. It’s like that weird spinning game kids play. You know the one: you spin and spin and spin until you’re crazy dizzy then fall onto the ground—where you continue to spin. I HATED that game as a kid. If I’m going to lay on the ground, I’m looking to feel supported and still, not whirling about. I’m still not a fan of spinning—whether it’s the physical kind or the emotional and spiritual kind that stems from being overwhelmed. And let’s be honest, lately the events happening around us can really get us spinning, if we let them.

Since I loathe that feeling, I’ve really had to cut back and invest more time in re-energizing and stabilizing myself. It makes me feel guilty, at times, because part of me thinks I “should” rally, but I know if I push too hard, I’ll end up burnt out and useful to no one. So, I cut back.

However, I find that when I cut back to help stop the spinning, I lose some of my momentum—my direction. When I do get grounded, I look around and can’t figure out where the hell my True North is. Today, I asked Spirit how do we find our direction again after all of this spinning? How do we move forward once we get our feet under us and the ground stabilized again?  How do we reorient ourselves so we are facing our True North?

Spirit gives us three pieces of advice: 1) Set Healthy Boundaries(The Metal King~Ally)  2) Be Present(The Rainbow Prince~Challenger) 3) Slow down(The Fire Prince~Challenger).
All three of these things will help get you reoriented back to your own Truth North.

Why these three things? Spin out usually occurs because we have overextended ourselves and have forgotten, in all the business and hubbub, to take care of ourselves. We have moved into a constant state of overwhelm, fear and anxiety. The spinning is just the side affect of it all. It doesn’t matter what’s gotten you overwhelmed— hurricanes or news events or Facebook posts or over-scheduling or forgetting to say no. It’s more important that we recognize that we are spinning out and then say “Stop! I want to get off this ride!” But, once we're off the ride, how do we move forward?

Set Healthy Boundaries

Lack of boundaries is what got us into this mess in the first place. We’ve got to get them back into place. That means saying no to things (like relationships, activities, behaviors) that aren’t for your highest and best and yes to things that recharge us. It also means cleaning up your boundaries and figuring out how to separate what you feel vs what other people are feeling. If you take on everyone’s stuff for them, then you end up drowning in it. You can acknowledge that things aren’t going well in the world, but you can’t take it all on as if it was your own. This doesn’t mean you can’t help people and donate money and pray for them, but it does mean the you have to be clear about where these people and events end and you begin. Ahem….Empaths are you listening? Because empaths spin out a lot when they don’t have good boundaries. Which leads us to out next point…

Be Present

Be where you are.  Realize where you are. What does that mean? It means be present in your life. Don’t get so wrapped up in worrying about all the “what ifs”, that you miss today. Perhaps the answers to your what ifs are actually contained in today and if you aren’t present for today, you miss the solution.

Yes, a whole bunch of stuff is happening and yes, as a responsible world citizen you need to be aware of it. However, you also need to be presentin your own life, if you want to make a difference. Take time out of each day and focus on you. What is your body doing? What are your emotions doing? What is your mind doing? I’m notorious for trying to be present with my family and yet be a million miles away. Pull yourself back into your body and focus. Tip: Nature is an amazing tool for mindfulness. Tap into it. Find the awe—in flowers, mountains, oceans, trees—get lost in it. Then take note of what it feels like to actually be present in that moment.

Slow Down

The last step is to slow down. If you are moving at the speed of light, you won’t be able to keep your boundaries firm and be present. You must slow down. You’re not going to fix the world in the day. You’ll burn out if you try to. Once the burn out happens, your light goes out and it is a pain in the ass to get lit again. I know—don’t be me. Slow down and keep your light lit. Take a deep breath and center yourself. If you’ve been go go going, you’ll find it really uncomfortable to slow down--that just means you really need to do it. Some ideas for slowing down: Cancel that thing that isn’t important, take a walk not a run, schedule time in your calendar--like an appointment--and do something that refills your tank, say no to something you don’t really want to do.

Once you make the choice to stop the spinning, you’ll be able to see where you’re going again. You won’t be fighting against yourself and you’ll be in the flow. This week, take these three steps and devise a spin out plan—even if you aren’t spinning out. It’s great to have a plan BEFORE it happens so A) all you have to do is apply it when it happens or even better B) you don’t spin out in the first place(obvious, yes? but apparently I forget this one from time to time…)