Self-Respect & Intergrity

Weekly Love Note From Spirit

Mary Queen of Angels Oracle

Mary Queen of Angels Oracle

Mary Queen of Angels Oracle

Love Note From Spirit

Ideas to ponder this week…..Self respect and Integrity. 

Self respect speaks to having boundaries that are healthy for you, taking care of yourself and making choices that support your well being. Where are you in terms of self-respect right now? Are you asking yourself: What is healthy for me? What supports me and helps me to thrive?(before you ask what others need) Do your choices support your intention for the future or are you compromising yourself or your worth to make your situation/relationship/choice fit into what you think it “should” be?

This week is also a call for integrity. Integrity in thought, word, and action. Do your thoughts support your intention for self respect? Your words? Your actions? Or do they only support your self respect when it’s convenient or easy? 

It’s not about being perfect. There will always be times when we lose sight of what’s important. Instead of perfection, make the goal this week is about being AWARE of where you are. Look at the areas of your life where you maybe are lacking in self respect and integrity and then ask “why”? Why did I let my self respect go? Was it because of an old story playing out in my life? Was it because I don’t like conflict? Or maybe you didn’t even realize it was happening until after the fact. 

Whatever the reason, just focus on being more open and curious of the choices you make as you move through your week. Your Angels and Spirit Allies love you so much—ask for help navigating forward.

Cards from Mary Queen of Angels Oracle by Doreen Virtue.