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The Enchanted Map

The Enchanted Map

Follow the Leader | Metamorphosis

Have you ever taken the time sit back and look at how all of those life challenges, those moments of rock bottom where you can’t imagine anything good coming from it, have led you to where you are now? We often take time to reflect on how the “good” things brought us to this moment, but we ignore the “bad” or “rough” things. It’s in these challenging moments where we learn about ourselves and we gain insight and wisdom into what it means to be human.

In order for real transformation to happen on a soul level, we need to let go of the hurt and choose to see what we have learned. It’s not about forgetting what happened—it’s about releasing the control it has over your life now. We are called to let the pain of the experience die, so we can understand what roll it played in getting us to where we needed to be and access the wisdom that can grow from it. We also need to go one step further and share this wisdom with those around us. By having the courage to show our authentic self and trusting that what we have to share has worth, we not only gift ourselves with healing, but we can inspire those around us to heal, as well.

Where in your life are you having trouble understanding what the wisdom of the challenge was? Or where have you discovered the magic in challenge? Share in the comments below!

Cards used were from The Enchanted Map by Colette Baron-Reid, published by Hay House Publishing.