Shine Bright, Bring Your Intentions to Life

Weekly Love Note From Spirit

SpiritSong Tarot

SpiritSong Tarot

SpiritSong Tarot

Have you been struggling with bringing your dreams or intentions to life? Are you doing all the steps and committing to the work, but you can’t seem to gain the momentum to make anything happen—even though you know the potential for success is there? Have you wondered what the missing piece could be?

It could be you’ve blocked or dimmed your light from shining out into the world unintentionally and it’s limiting your ability to work your magic. It may have happened because you were trying to keep yourself safe by putting up a shield or building a wall around yourself. Maybe you were scared to be seen for who you really are or you didn’t even realize you were doing it or you’ve been hurt before and didn’t want to repeat the experience.

Let’s face it—the world can be draining, overwhelming and stressful. There’s so much “stuff” going on out there, that those of us who are sensitive to the various energies and changes can get overwhelmed and want to hide away. Since hiding isn’t an option, we shield to protect ourselves from the onslaught of feelings or emotions or other gunk floating around. We do this with good intentions. We think that by shielding or building up a protective wall we are keep ourselves and our energy safe and clear, but in reality we are blocking our own light. We are creating a disconnect from who we really are with who we show to the world. This disconnect prevents us from shining at our full capacity and that lack of shining is preventing us from being able to bring our magic to life.

How do we shine bright and be open, but not pick up all the stuff floating around our there? At our core we are light and we are love. Rather than imagining a wall, a shield, or armor, imagine a beautiful soul fire coming from your heart. This soul fire radiates outward, burning everything away that isn’t for your highest and best. This soul fire allows you to be seen AND be safe.

When you dim your light you are not only robbing yourself of this amazing magic—you are preventing others from seeing it and being inspired by it. It’s time to take down the wall and stop living in fear of getting hurt. It’s time to let go of the shields and let the fire of your soul—your very essence—shine bright. Then you will be able to have access to the full potential and sparkle that is you.

How to Go Deeper: Spirit Elk supports the energies of strength and going the distance. It about not quitting and continuing to put in the time and effort needed to be successful. Spirit Beaver is all about building your dreams and taking action to make things happen. You can call these Guides into your meditation sessions and ask if they have any messages or information that would help you to keep going and to keep building your dreams. You can also just mediate on their images and feel their energy wash over you. Short on time? Say a simple prayer like: Thank you Spirit Elk and Spirit Beaver for helping me see that success is within my reach. Thank you for supporting me, so that I go the distance and keep working on bringing my dreams to fruition. Thank you for reminding me that all my hard work will pay off. And so it is.

Cards from the SpiritSong Tarot by Paulina Cassidy published by U.S. Games Systems, Inc.