Slow Down and Recharge: A Holiday Survival Tip

Holiday Survival Tip

Photo by  Kelly Sikkema  on  Unsplash

Holiday Survival Tip: Slow Down and Recharge

With all the rush to buy gifts for everyone else and parties to attend, we sometimes forget to slow down and recharge ourselves. This week, treat yourself to something that revives your spirit and makes you take time for yourself. I’ve including some of my most favorite things that help me get re-connected to Spirit. I hope you enjoy the items I’ve featured and find something that will work for you.

The Tapping Solution App

One of my most recent finds is an app that has a tapping/EFT solution for just about anything from headaches to stress to weight loss anxiety to abundance. I’m loving it. I’ve tried tapping before but never really committed enough to make it work. This app makes it so easy. They’ve got some free ones for you to try out to get you started and if you like it, you can sign up for a yearly subscription. I’ve found it to be worth every penny.

Ancestors and Allies Oracle Deck by Kyle Gray

One of my new favorite decks is Ancestors and Allies by Kyle Gray. What a better way to connect with your Allies and Angels than with this gorgeous oracle deck. The illustrations by Lily Moses are beautiful and the energy surrounding these cards is sublime. A definite must add to your collection.

Chakra Meditation Kit by Jo Jayson

I received this set as a gift many years ago and I loved it! It’s a beautifully illustrated set of cards and stones to help you work and focus on your chakras. These cards are definitely magic. I have them out constantly in my office and use them often to recharge and get grounded.

Energy Muse Crystal Sets

Energy Muse offers some of the most amazing crystals on the internet, but what I love most are the little kits they offer. I received the Restful Sleep set for my birthday and they worked like a charm! They also have Love Stones kit, Creativity Stones, Light Stones and more!

Juniper Ridge Sweetgrass Braid

I grabbed one of these on our way across the country this summer. We needed some serious smudging! I loved it and think it’s the perfect self-gift for the Holidays. The smell is subtle and it has a nice even burn.

Shoyeido’s Angelic Incense

I got this for myself as a treat last Christmas and fell in love with the light fragrances. They have fragrances called Joy, Love, Hope, Peace, and Inspiration. I love picking one out to burn before readings based on what I feel needs to be brought into the space. It’s the perfect way to bring a little Joy into your life.

Himalayan Pink Bath Salt

I am addicted to salt baths and my favorite type of salt to use is fine Himalayan Bath Salt. I blend it with a little bit of lavender oil and I am all set to clear away the day. I buy it in bulk and specifically get the fine grain because it dissolves more easily in the water.

Colette Baron-Reid Meditation Apps

Colette Baron-Reid came out with some great apps for meditation over the past year. I love it because there are so many different kinds and they run between 9-15 minutes—so you can do them even when you’re short on time. Plus they are on your phone, so you can access them at any time.

Angel Prayers by Kyle Gray

A book for some great winter reading. I love Angel Prayers and Kyle has just reissued the book with new information in it. If you’ve been wanting to work closer with your angels and the angelic realms than this is a perfect selection for yourself.