Slowing Down For Signs

Morning Reflections

These are not great pictures because I was trying to get my kiddo into the school building, but this morning there dozens and dozens of hawks soaring near her school building. They were everywhere! I could not fit them into one picture. At first, I thought they were enormous crows. I snapped a few pics and immediately grabbed the Animal Speak book, after I got to the office. 

According to Animal Speak, they “awaken our vision and inspire us to a creative life patient and observe. “ Dozens of people walked by this rather amazing sight and not a single one looked up. No one stopped or slowed down to watch them gliding and gathering, except for my daughter and me. 

How many of us forget to look up and see the signs? How many of us rush through the day missing communication from Spirit? The message is slow down and see all opportunities that are right in front of you. Life is so much bigger and awe-filled when you do. 

Side note: My Guide Team is super straight forward and has a dry sense of humor. So wouldn’t you know that my daily angel card today was Take Time to Breathe?!? 😂 Thanks, Spirit! Message received.

Hawks Gathering in the Indiana Sky

Angel Prayers Oracle