Small Things Make a Difference

The Goddess Power Oracle

The Goddess Power Oracle

Kuan Yin in Alignment | Metis in Alignment

Let’s face it: The world is a bit of a mess right now. Everywhere you look, it seems as if things are going wrong and falling apart. It can get to be too much to think about, to focus on. When things get to be that overwhelming, it can cause us to shut down and go into a state of despair—feeling like nothing we do can make a difference. It feels like the problem is too big for us to tackle—that your actions won’t affect the greater picture. We end up hiding away and closing ourselves off, so we don’t feel the pain so intensely and the hopelessness so fully.

But Spirit wants you to know that this is just an illusion based in fear. This perspective is not the Truth. What you do DOES make a difference. And hiding your light away isn’t helping anyone—including yourself. It’s really a call to shine your light bright so that every one can see.

Rather than trying to make changes on a grand scale, think small. It’s not so much about fixing the whole world, as it is about focusing on those closest to you. You may not have the power to change the direction a country is going or to stop a war, but you do have the power to shift your community and those around you. By shining your light, you inspire others. By being kind to strangers, you shift the tides where you are. Just think: If each one of us shifted the tide of our communities locally, we COULD change the world, one person and one kindness at a time.

The call this week is to do one thing everyday that allows you to shine your light, while helping others. Dig deep and find your courage to make a difference today. Commit to changing the world by commenting below about what you will do to help lift others up this week.

Cards used were from The Goddess Power Oracle by Colette Baron-Reid, published by Hay House.