Sometimes, Magic is Messy


There are moments when manifesting is seamless and easy. It’s as if everything just flows and you are able to step back and just bask in the glory of finally figuring out how to navigate forward with ease. Then, there are moments, like I had last week, when navigating life and manifesting what you want is kind of messy. Nothing goes the way you think it will and chaos reigns supreme. You are left thinking what did I do wrong? Here’s the secret though: You did nothing wrong. Sometimes the magic is messy.

Many of us have this preconceived idea from books or talks that manifesting, if done right, will always be easy and flow. What these books don’t address is when life magically comes together in the chaos and the mess to help us arrive where we need to be. We have to remember that not every experience is meant to flow. When those "un-flow" moments happen, they give you a great opportunity to practice what you’ve learned and accept what you can’t control. It’s during these moments that trusting spirit and trusting the process is critical to you not losing yourself in the chaos.

If you’ve been following me recently, you’ll know that my family and I are moving to the Outer Banks this summer and that I went on a house hunting trip last week to prepare for that move. I envisioned this easy, magical, intuitive process. I did everything I was “supposed” to do in order to allow this process to flow. I meditated, drew cards to get clear on how to trust the process, and was clear with my intentions. I connected with my angels and guides and invited them to help. I was using all my tools and I just knew this time would be different from the others. I was so anchored into what I thought it should look like, that I almost completely missed what it needed to be. Why? Because I didn’t have a neutral perspective. I couldn’t see that the form it took, chaos and upheaval, was precisely the path I needed to be on.

When things went sideways the very first day, I panicked. I remember wondering where the heck were my guides and why isn’t this flowing? The second day was even worse and it really pushed me to my limits. The only thing that saved me was the fact that I chose to stay connected to spirit and not give up, even when I could not see through the chaos that was surrounding me. I chose to roll with it and stay curious about where this mess was going to lead me. I decided to stick to my original intention and to trust the process, even though everything seemed to be falling apart.

It would’ve been so easy to just give into it all and let the external junk dictate my internal landscape. Instead, I held on to the intention that this time was going to be different because I was going to react differently. I wasn’t going to buy into someone else’s truth. And it made the magic messy. I wasn’t going to waste time on things I couldn't control. And it made the magic messy. I wasn’t going to let someone walk over me because the empath in me doesn’t feel comfortable with conflict. And it made the magic messy. I was going to lean into the conflict and respect myself enough to stay true to my intentions and honor my self-worth and my intuition. 

The process was never meant to flow. It was meant to be messy, so that I would rise to the occasion. I could have made things “un-messy” by compromising myself. I could’ve avoided the conflict. I could’ve have bought into someone else’s truth. The week might have flowed more smoothly, but I would’ve missed what I was there to learn. I had made a promise to myself that I would trust the process and, to stay true to that intention, things had to get a little messy.

It was in the mess that the magic was hidden. I came through the process more empowered than I had been before. I found the house that was right for us and am totally smitten with the town we decided on--the town that people said, “No, that's not possible”, but called to my heart and soul anyway. Had I tried to “pretend to flow" and make things "smooth", I would've missed out on something powerful and magical. I would have missed seeing my miracle. 

So today, as you move through whatever chaos life brings you, stay open and curious as to where it could lead you. Take a step back and just imagine what miracle waits for you on the other side of the storm. Because sometimes magic is messy and it’s in the mess and the chaos where the true treasures lie.