Soul Time

morning reflections



I ran away for some much needed “soul time” with one my tribe in Chicago for the weekend. It has been both relaxing and grounding in a way that’s different than meditation or yoga or a massage. It’s revitalized me in a way that those things can’t and stirred places in my soul that definitely needed stirring. It also shone a light on an area of my life that wasn’t in balance. 

I take my role as a mother and an intuitive guide very seriously. I love both of these things so much and they bring me so much joy everyday, but clearly running away for a weekend and getting a break was needed. I needed to turn off the part of my life where I was constantly troubleshooting or helping people. I needed to not be needed for just a moment. I feel refreshed and ready to take on the next week with a sense of energy that I haven’t felt since we moved. Don’t underestimate the power of giving yourself a break. 


If you’re feeling stuck, stressed, tired, leave the environment you’re in and run away for a minute. You don’t have to take a big weekend trip—it can be as easy as taking yourself out to lunch and turning your phone off for an hour, so no one can “need” you for a moment. You’re worth it. What will you do this week to give yourself a moment?