Soul Whispers

Soul Whispers

Disney Inspiration Series

Adventures in Mediumship

What does your Soul whisper to you? What does your inner voice say? Do you listen? Or do you push it aside and hide from it? How often do we block these whispers out because we think it’s silly or we can’t accomplish it or because someone tells us no? How often do we deny who we are because it’s easier to keep doing the same thing than it is to find the courage to follow out True North?

Throughout history, humans have asked the question Who am I? Why am I here? We are Spirit. We are a Soul. We are a Light and we are meant to spread that Light during our time on earth. In order to do this, we must listen to our inner voice. You can’ts ignore who you are. Follow it to the ends of the earth. Listen to your Soul Whispers, they are giving you the directions you need. They are map that leads you on your journey. They bring you to your destiny.

If you haven’t seen Moana yet, you are missing out. It has amazing music and animation, but what captured my heart was Grandmother Tala. Always completely herself and blazing her own path, she was full of sage advice. My breath was taken away by her character’s transition through the veil. Pele’s story line was also magical. It’s a beautiful story of following your inner voice and remembering who you are.