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Mystical Shaman Oracle

Mystical Shaman Oracle

Mystical Shaman Oracle

Although we’ve passed the shortest day of the year in December and the light is starting to return, these still too short winter days can take their toll on our energy and our motivation. It brings this very hibernation-oriented energy with it. This lends itself to our desire to shut down, numb out, or cave. But even the darkest, most overcast days hold a spark of light that we need to continue to nurture until Spring.

Take advantage of this introspective and quiet energy to listen to your soul and see what it needs to thrive. Use the winter energy to dive deep and go further than you normally would during light filled days. Rather than slowing down to the point of not moving, use the energy to push the boundaries of what you know to be true about yourself. Take this time to expand your understanding and knowledge about how you work, what your passions are, what your intentions are.

Go into those unknown parts of yourself, where the Truth of who you are lies waiting for discovery. What messages arise from your soul? What feelings start to surface? Don’t be afraid of looking at all the parts of you-even the uncomfortable ones. All emotions are like tiny little letters from Spirit, giving us insight and information on what we need to adjust, course correct, or embrace. Take time today to ask yourself what your soul needs to thrive!

Take it Further: Both the Jaguar energy and the Owl energy lend itself to these deep dives and winter energy. The jaguar is great to call on for when you want to push your boundaries and expand yourself, but still feel safe and protected. Call on the Owl when you are having trouble finding the light. She can guide you through the dark times and show you what treasures await for you in the night.

How do you work with these energies? You can simply invite them in to walk with you or work with you during the day. You can also find images of each animal and use them as a focus during your mediation. In this way, they act like keys unlocking greater insight and information than you would’ve normally been able to access on your own.

Cards from the Mystical Shaman Oracle by Colette Baron-Reid, Alberto Villoldo, & Marcela Lobos pubished by Hay House.