Spiritual Amnesia, Part One

Photo from Unsplash by Goran Vucicevic

Photo from Unsplash by Goran Vucicevic

Have you ever been in the groove, connected to the Divine, in the flow, manifesting like mad and then something happens and you find you find yourself spinning out and are left feeling like the least spiritual person on the planet? 

I call this spiritual amnesia. It feels like you've fallen asleep at the wheel and are veering off the road in an out of control car. There are a few ways this can happen, but one of main triggers is falling into our old stories.

What is an "old story"? It's that place you used to live before you chose to be an active creator in your life and connected to Spirit. It's where you are the victim and things are happening to you, rather than things just happening and you deciding how you want to respond. This victim space is the least productive place to be, but that doesn't mean that we don’t revert into it from time to time.

How does it work? Well, it's usually a mash up of stress, overwhelm and the feeling that history is repeating itself. We're usually doing too much and are not taking care of ourselves. A present situation arises that appears to be mirroring something that's happened in the past. Our over-tired brains switch into assuming that this present situation will turn out the same as the last time. We freak out, spin out and disconnect and veer the car off the road. We can be left feeling like we're stranded in a ditch or maybe even like we hit a tree, with no rescue in sight. But the amazing thing about it is this: we don't have to do that. We always have a choice.

Take some time this week and notice when you start to spin out. Just get curious and see what triggers you. You don’t have to solve it—just notice it.

Next week, I’ll give you some tools to put in your First Aid Kit for the Soul to help with these spin outs. These steps and techniques will help get you unstuck and back on the road. We’ll also look at a few ways that you can “catch” yourself before you crash.