Spiritual Amnesia, Part Two: First Aid Kit for the Soul

Photo from Unsplash by Victoria Palacios

Photo from Unsplash by Victoria Palacios

Last week, I wrote about the idea of Spiritual Amnesia. It’s a term I use for those times when we forget our connection with Spirit and spin out—even though we know better. This week, I wanted to put together a sort of “First Aid Kit for the Soul”. These are ideas you can use to get back on track and moving forward again.

When you catch yourself spinning out there's a few things you can do to calmly redirect yourself in the direction you want to go:

  1. Breathe and/or Meditate. The first step is to put on your oxygen mask. If you're not breathing, you're definitely not going to be able to find your center again. Meditation is great for finding your breath and calming your mind. Sometimes, just the act of taking deep breaths can slow you down enough that you stop and realize what you are doing.

  2. Determine Your Emotional Landscape. This means you have to acknowledge what you’re ACTUALLY feeling. When we spin out, we don’t take time to slow down and figure out what emotions we are experiencing. You may say, “What?? I know what I’m feeling—it’s STRESS!”, but stress is a really generic term for a whole bunch of different emotions. Stop and figure out what you’re feeling beyond stress. Is it anxiety? Overwhelm? Sadness? Grief? Panic?  Once you figure out what you’re actually feeling, you can approach things in a much more productive manner.

  3. EFT. EFT or Tapping is an amazing way to release unwanted stress, overwhelm, or emotions immediately. It’s pretty simple. You tap on specific points, while acknowledging what you are feeling and, eventually, what you want to be feeling instead. I use this for everything from anxiety over change to stress headaches to sleeping better. Head over to the Tapping Solution website for more information on EFT.

  4. Remove yourself from the drama. You can do this by saying no to people who are stirring up drama or by taking a moment and asking yourself: Is this even my stuff to spin out on? (Hint: Usually the answer is no.) If it isn’t your stuff, then let it go and walk away.

  5. Remove things that trigger you or build up anxiety.  This one ties into the #4. This may mean cutting out Social Media for a while or not reading the news. It could mean that you don’t reach out to that friend or family member who always seems to get you riled up. It’s about making the choice to be centered and calm, while you figure out where you are at.

  6. Leave the environment you’re in for a fresh new perspective. Sometimes just going to a coffee shop or to a park can shift you out of panic mode. A salt bath is another great way to let your surroundings go. By removing yourself from the stressor, you give yourself a just moment to catch up, slow down and think.

  7. Let go of what you think “should” be happening. This one is huge. We usually spin out because we got super attached to what we thought should happen, only to find life not complying. Let go. Step back and get some perspective. Even though it feels like everything is wrong, can you take a moment and get curious about how this could make everything right? Maybe it’s Spirit sending you a message that you need a direction change. Maybe your intentions weren’t clear and it landed you in a mess. Perhaps, you weren’t grounded and just getting more in your body allows you to see the whole picture. Whatever the case may be, letting go of what you thought it would look like and working with what it is will leave you feeling more empowered and aware.

This “First Aid” kit is about Intentionally slowing down and connecting to Spirit. When I’m spinning out, I like to go to my office and just take a moment to stop and breathe. I’ll meditate or tap or just turn on some quiet soothing music. By placing myself in a space that is used exclusively for healing and well-being, I allow myself to step out of the problems I’m having and get a new perspective on things. After I’ve settled a bit, I may draw a tarot or angel card asking Spirit what I need to do to course correct and then journal for a bit about the card and what is going on in my life. Usually, after about 15 minutes of intentionally connecting to Spirit, I’ve stopped spinning and have a pretty good idea of what I need to do in order to move forward again from a better and more grounded place.