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August Soul Reading, Part Three: Group Infusion

Does this sound like you? You do everything your self without outside help. Through sheer force of will you push projects through to the end. If you could just work harder, better, faster, you could make this change or project happen.

Well guess what? You actually need an infusion of energy to get the ball rolling again. Don’t get me wrong, working by ourselves is great. We can focus on what we want. We can control the timeline and when everything happens. However, sometimes we need the energy and ideas of others to bring our work to the next level.

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August Soul Reading, Part Two: Over-Investment

You’ve put too many eggs into one basket or have over focused on one area. We get so excited about ideas or projects that we can become single minded in our efforts. We pump all of energy in one part of our life, completely ignoring other important areas. This over investment can disrupt the energy and the flow in other areas in your life, leaving them lacking and wilting like an unwatered flower.

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August Soul Reading: Understanding Life's Delays

You’ve done the work. You’ve looked within and you still can’t come to a decision. You are still not able to move forward. Frustration, anger, anxiety surrounding your past decisions may surface. You question if you’ve fallen off your path or completely missed your mark. These are all normal responses, even if they aren’t the most productive or helpful. This month we are going to look at how to gracefully deal with periods of suspension and transition and investigate reasons to why they occur...

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