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A Spiritual Journey

I have a complex relationship with Mother Mary. I found her so soothing and reassuring as a child. I remember staring at this picture when it hung in my Grandmother’s house and just feeling completely loved. 

As I grew up, my frustration with structured religion caused me to reject all the things that were associated with it: Angels, Mother Mary, Jesus, etc. It’s not so much that I didn’t believe they didn’t exist as it was more a problem of how they were being presented to me—it didn’t match what I was experiencing as a young adult with my own intuition unfolding. 

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A Light in the Dark

The world as a whole is facing a lot of its dragons.  We struggle as a people to understand each other.  Many people are making choices out of fear - fear of the unknown, fear of what could happen, fear that if the old falls away they won’t have a place in the new that births from it.  But that is not the case.  Living in fear will never allow you to find a light in the dark, it will will only create more darkness, more confusion.

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August 29th: Angel of Emergence

Angel of Emergence from Angels, Gods and Goddesses. When heading in to Mercury Retrograde, we focus on the negative or what will go wrong. We wonder which technological device with fizzle out or where miscommunication will happen.We fail to remember that Mercury Retrograde allows us time to slow down and reconnect to what is important. This process of looking within allows us to have a period of “cocooning” so that we can emerge as a butterfly at the end. Take advantage of the energy being presented to you. This is the beginning of a wondrous transformation into your new fall energy. Use the pause as time to re-center before leaping forward.

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