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Finding Your Courage

We all mess up from time to time, whether it was from not listening to our hearts or maybe thinking we knew it all or perhaps we just got disconnected from Spirit. it’s the moment when Things get messy. We fall hard and the thought of getting up and finding the courage to try again is daunting—but it’s neccessary. No one is going to rescue you.

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Monthly Reading for July 2015

July's reading uses the Enchanted Map Oracle by Colette Baron-Reid, featured in this month's deck review.

Overall feel: Encouragement
July is turning out to be another full month of making progress on our path.  The overall theme is Encouragement.  May was a month of healing and June was manifesting our hopes and dreams.  July will be about stepping forward into what you manifested and bringing those changes further into reality.  Your guides are giving you a push this month, so stay alert for signs that will point you in the right direction.

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