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Spiritual Amnesia, Part One

Have you ever been in the groove, connected to the Divine, in the flow, manifesting like mad and then something happens and you find you find yourself spinning out and are left feeling like the least spiritual person on the planet? 

I call this spiritual amnesia. It feels like you've fallen asleep at the wheel and are veering off the road in an out of control car.

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When the World is Brought to Its Knees

Today we, as members of the world community, begin our week grieving with our New Zealand family. The loss that was experienced there last week is unfathomable to most of us. For myself, as an empath, it’s easy to get overwhelmed and discouraged. The fear and anxiety makes me want to shut down and hide out in my house for days, but that course of action would not help myself nor would it help the grieving community.  So how do we, as sensitive people, move forward?

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Finding Humility

Lady Godiva & Eight of Bows-Hearthfire

We are a collective of souls who have chosen to incarnate now on this planet. Through this choice, we are all part of the Earth Tribe. No matter what are differences are, we share the same experience of being human at this point in time on this planet. This makes us part of the Tribe or Family and as such, we need to start to understand how our individual power and choices play a part of the “shared consciousness of the human spirit”.  We are all connected, therefore our judgements, decisions, and actions affect everyone. We may not be able to see how in this moment.

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Day Eighteen:See Beyond

This powerful quote from Gandhi stops me in my tracks. It is SO TRUE. It’s easy to identify hate. It’s a pretty strong emotion. You can flip through the news and see all the things hate has help build and make. We may sit on our couch and say:  “That is not right!” “They are wrong!” “They are bad.” maybe even perhaps, “They are evil.” However what does that do for either side? Nothing. It leaves you judging the person who has hate in them or acts upon their hate. It does nothing except fuel the fires.

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Learning in the Shadows: Why Anger Can Heal

As Lightworkers, we often strive to shy away from the ugly. Ugly emotions. Ugly situations. Conflict. We like to say that we “keep it in the light” and don’t engage with the “shadow side”. Or we phrase it as “Living the Light”. Which is well-meaning, but if we do this, we are missing out on a key element of the Shadow side: Learning and healing.


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