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July Soul Reading, Part Four: Igniting the Fire

It’s time to refill the empty vessel. Point the compass in the direction where the fires burn. Ignite your passions this week and refill that spiritual void.

When you’ve felt like you have been in a desert and there’s no end in sight, believing that you can get your compass working again, may be difficult. But it is possible. To find your direction you must have a passion fueling the work. What are you passionate about? What are you really good at? What do you want to share with the world?

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July Soul Reading, Part Three: Finding the Opportunity, Making the Space

Stillness, quiet, and mindfulness are required for this week’s exploration. Create a quiet space and look beyond your everyday distractions. In this quietness, let your compass scan your spiritual surroundings. In order for something to grow and thrive, you must make room for it. What can you release for now to create the room?

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July Soul Reading, Part Two: Going Beneath the Surface

Point your compass direction down deep under the waters of everyday life. Stop and dip your head below the waters, going beneath the surface. It may be easier to sail through life, not going deeper, but it’s not as fulfilling. This week give yourself permission to explore. It’s time to start stirring up the waters and see what floats to the surface.

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