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Empath First Aid

Have you been saying to yourself: "I'm so tired, but I have no idea why" or "I feel zapped but there's no reason for it". Maybe the reason is that your Empathic Self needs a little self care.

Let’s face it, there are just some moments in time when the energy is so high and charged and conflicting that empaths are more susceptible to burn out. It’s too much to process and filter. Everything shuts down. We feel our energy lagging. Our anxiety rising. Maybe even a little depressed. We may even overeat to help with the overload. We’re not grounded and we can’t see a way out.

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Day Fifteen: Healing with Nature

Nature grounds us. Nature inspires us, surprises us. Nature breaks open our hearts and our minds. It creates awe.  Nature allows us to catch a glimpse of God. Nature allows us to heal in a way nothing else can. Watching a whale breech, an otter play, a deer roam, a fox hunt. All of these allow us to be perfectly present and in the moment. They let us slip away from our everyday and become immersed in something larger than us.

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Monthly Reading for June 2015

The month of June is going to lend itself to manifestation - positive or negative, and it’s your choice.  If you’ve been working towards something, this month will be the month to make a push and bring those dreams into reality.  It may not be easy and there will be work involved, but you will get to the foundations of who you are and what you’ve been wanting to create.  This enables you to make great changes.  It’s key to remember to keep positive and think positive.  What you focus on this month, you will attract.

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A Lesson in Old San Juan

"Yeah, yeah, I know. I'll be fine."  Within 10 minutes of being in the city, I knew the game had changed and that my half put up filters were not going to be good enough.

The problem is - with me anyway - once they see the "light" or "beacon" I put off from my mediumship (kind of like a neon "open" sign) there's no hiding it. They know I can see them and they know I can hear them and they want to be heard NOW!

From the feeling of eyes staring at the back of my head, I knew I had picked someone up.  My husband could tell from my expression that I was being followed. "You didn't protect yourself well enough, did you?" I sighed.  No I did not. Number one lesson I preached and I totally failed it myself.

So, I turned around and there, in full armor, was a sixteenth century Spanish Conquistador!

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