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Finding a Sanctuary

When you think of strength, what is the first image that comes to mind? Is it someone with strong muscles who can lift anything and has endurance to climb any mountain? Is it someone with a strong heart, who continues to try and try again no matter what obstacles present themselves? Is it someone with a strong mind, who can figure out anything through the use of logic? Whatever image comes to mind, each “person” taps into an open heart and the same inner well—their soul—to achieve their strength.

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Slow Down & Turn Within

Slow & Steady, Strength, & Ace of Swords

Stop. Take a deep breath. It’s time to slow down this week and do a little introspective work. That advice may be the exact opposite of what you were hoping for. Maybe you have the desire to jump up and just do something—anything—, but that’s not what needs to happen. With chaos happening everywhere, slowing down will get you to where you need to be. If you continue to rush, you’ll be unprepared and the momentum won’t last.  You may even be “forced” to slow down. This week focus on these two ideas...

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December 5th: Tapping Into Your Inner Strength

Knight of Stones ~ Horse & Desert Vision Quest It’s time to stop and take a break. This week calls for time spent alone either meditating or praying. Why? Your inner strength has been challenged by stress, anxiety and fear and you need to take the time to re-focus on your True North. You can’t do this surrounded by the noise and bustle of the Holiday Season.

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