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July Soul Reading: Finding Your Direction

Do you feel that you have lost your way or strayed from your path? Perhaps, you don’t even know where your path is and what it looks like. It’s left you feeling frustrated and confused. You feel that other people’s needs and wants are coming before your own. It’s not selfish to want more out of life. This month it’s time to take back some of your time. It’s time to re-discover your life direction.

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Life Purpose

“What is my life purpose?”

We’ve all asked ourselves that question, especially when we are feeling lost, alone, or out of place.  “If I could just figure our what I am supposed to be doing, my life would fall into place!”  We think we’re missing part of the puzzle and if we could find that last piece everything would fit together and flow.  “If I knew my life purpose, my job would fall into place” or “I’d finally meet my soul mate.”  The weight and emphasis we put on this one facet of our soul planning is so heavy that we can create blocks in our life because we feel like we don’t know what we “should” be doing.  I have a secret to tell you - life purpose isn’t so specific

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The Soul's Journey Series

What is the Soul’s Journey? Have you ever wondered what happens after you leave your body here on Earth, but before you reincarnate? This is the space where the Soul’s Journey starts—more specifically, I look at the period of time when you make the decision that you’re going back into a body. What happens? Who is involved? Going back int

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