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Let Your LoveLight Shine: A Soul Tarot Layout

Valentine’s Day rolls around and people everywhere get relationships questions on the brain: Will I ever find the one? Will my marriage last forever? Will this current relationship work out? What can I do/say/think to find the one?

These are big questions. Of course we want to know if we will find love, but the real question being asked is, “Am I lovable? Am I worthy?”

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Enhancing Your Relationship with Soul Tarot

Valentine’s Day always bring a wealth of articles about how to attract your soulmate or find true love. Find love if you do this—find love if you do that. While well meaning, they fail to mention what to do with this love once you have found it. How do you make that love grow? How do you make it deeper and more rich? How can you support each other in the relationship?

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Importance of Love

What part do you play in your life? In your emotional state? As Valentine’s Day approaches, we become hyper aware of the love in our life—whether it be romantic or otherwise. Some of us look to see where that love is lacking. Some of us see the part of love that flows. The question you must ask yourself in terms of love is: What part do I play in how love enters and exists in my life? It’s a pretty big question...

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Finding Humility

Lady Godiva & Eight of Bows-Hearthfire

We are a collective of souls who have chosen to incarnate now on this planet. Through this choice, we are all part of the Earth Tribe. No matter what are differences are, we share the same experience of being human at this point in time on this planet. This makes us part of the Tribe or Family and as such, we need to start to understand how our individual power and choices play a part of the “shared consciousness of the human spirit”.  We are all connected, therefore our judgements, decisions, and actions affect everyone. We may not be able to see how in this moment.

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Stay Curious

A message for US Inauguration Day: After meditating today, I received the message that instead of panicking or grieving or being in fear or anger that today we should remain curious. Curious about what changes will come. Curious about how 50% see this as positive. Curious about what our own personal shadow side has to teach us. Curious about how we will change and evolve over the next four years. Why curiosity? Because if we are in a state of curiousity we cannot be in fear. We aren't assuming to know a situation or person and cast judgement, we are open. Available for Spirit to show us ALL that needs to be seen. So today, join me in being curious. Sending all my love.

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Day Twenty One: Coming from the Place of the Heart

21 days went by really fast—or really slow depending on which day you asked me on. When I started this idea to positively change social media, I was coming from a place of discourgaement, hurt, and sadness. I needed to move out of my mind and the anxiety I had and into my heart space. What better way to do that, than focus on all the good and positive things that were out there? So really this challenge was developed because i NEEDED something to keep me moving forward. And you know what? It worked.

Everyday I made an effort (for at least the length of time it took me to write the article) to move into my heart space and out of my head. I would sit and ask myself, “What do I need to hear today? What do I need to know?” and then I would begin writing.

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Day Eighteen:See Beyond

This powerful quote from Gandhi stops me in my tracks. It is SO TRUE. It’s easy to identify hate. It’s a pretty strong emotion. You can flip through the news and see all the things hate has help build and make. We may sit on our couch and say:  “That is not right!” “They are wrong!” “They are bad.” maybe even perhaps, “They are evil.” However what does that do for either side? Nothing. It leaves you judging the person who has hate in them or acts upon their hate. It does nothing except fuel the fires.

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21 Day Intentional Social Media Challenge

In Light is the New Black, Rebecca Campbell says, “Just as your thoughts create the world, our collective energy creates THE world. Thanks to social media, this collective energy can now spread even more quickly…”

Let’s take a moment and think about this. What have you seen lately on Facebook and other social media outlets? I’ve seen fear. I’ve seen hate. I’ve seen panic and anxiety. I’ve seen cruelty.

However, I’ve also seen love, kindness, compassion, and understanding. I’ve seen Lightworkers pick themselves up, dust themselves off, and start posting positive things, inspiring things, and hopeful things.

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