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Choose to See the Open Doors

There are times when we hold on so tight to what we thought we wanted that we can’t see what we really need. Letting go of what isn’t working will help you to release any feeling of lack in your life. When you hold on to things because it’s what you’ve always done or because you are too afraid to let go, you stop the flow in your life.

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The Different Sides of Change

Elen speaks of the patterns we create in our life. Healthy or unhealthy, these patterns influence how we move through life in a very visible, tangible way. Maya speaks of the things we can’t see. The things that happen “behind the scenes” that influence our lives just as much as what we can see. This “invisible” side is harder to wrap our minds around, but just as powerful as the visible patterns Elen speaks about.

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The Possibility of Transformation

Things will come and go. Relationships will begin and end. Jobs will change and circumstances will shift. We can’t hold still or grab on too tightly to things. In order to have transformation, we must let go and go through a period of transition. We must shift and change, in order to grow and learn. These endings happen so they can give birth to new beginnings. It’s the shedding of the old skin; it’s about becoming a butterfly. You have to take a leap of faith and trust that the transformation will lead you to things beyond your wildest dreams.

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