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Spiritual Amnesia, Part One

Have you ever been in the groove, connected to the Divine, in the flow, manifesting like mad and then something happens and you find you find yourself spinning out and are left feeling like the least spiritual person on the planet? 

I call this spiritual amnesia. It feels like you've fallen asleep at the wheel and are veering off the road in an out of control car.

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A Little Bit of Magic

There’s something about being whisked away into a child’s imagination. Anything is possible. Every story a new adventure to be had. My daughter reminds me of this daily. The most recent example: Her love of Disney movies. Yes those epic, usually song filled, masterpieces for the eye and the imagination. I got caught up in her most recent adventure down the Disney rabbit hole and was really surprised at what I found waiting for me: Soul Wisdom.

That’s right, Disney has got some gems hidden away in their movies and their music. Disney artists are a creative bunch and clearly tapped into something pretty amazing. This all started because we’re headed out on vacation this week and we are making a brief stop at the Magic Kingdom in Disney World before we reach our final destination. My young daughter has Disney on the brain and has been listening to the music and watching the films since Christmas. She says she needs to “catch up” on all things Disney before we go. She clearly has my research oriented brain.

At first, I didn’t pay much attention to what was being said. After all, I have seen these films a million times. But then something funny happenened: as these songs and movies were playing in the background I noticed there was some really deep soul stuff embedded in there! I’ve decided to collect some of my favorite quotes and expand on them with a bit of Soul Wisdom.  Just something fun for you, while I’m off adventuring.

So for the next few weeks, let the Magic take you someplace you haven’t gone before—on an adventure of your very own….I hope you enjoy!

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