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Weekly Reading: This is Your Moment

Four of Swords, Seven of Swords, & Triumphant - Guardian Angel

Words mean things. Thoughts manifest into reality. The question right now is “Who do you want to be? How will you form your destiny?” This week’s reading is not only applicable to you on a personal level, but also on a global level. Who do you want to be? As a person? As a community? As a nation? As a world?

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July Soul Reading, Part Five: Moving from Inspiration to Achievement

Turn your compass to your True North.  Stop.  Pause.  Breathe.  You are on the precipice of making something magnificent happen in your life.  Can you feel it?  Take a moment to ground and get your feet under you this week.  You know what makes your fire burn bright now look at your skills and talents.  Which ones support your goals?  Make a plan to nurture these abilities moving forward.  Grow them.  Share them. Bring them into your current reality.

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