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Slow Down and Recharge: A Holiday Survival Tip

This week's Holiday Survival Tip is about Slowing Down and Recharging.

With all the rush to buy gifts for everyone else and parties to attend, we sometimes to forget to slow down and recharge ourselves. This week, treat yourself to something that revives your spirit and makes you take time for yourself. I’ve including some of my most favorite things that help me get re-connected to Spirit. I hope you enjoy the items I’ve featured and find something that will work for you.

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Power of Saying No: A Holiday Survival Tip

This week's Holiday Survival Tip is about the Power of Saying No.

The Holidays can be so much more fun when we say yes to things that resonate with us and no to things that don't--without feeling guilty! When we say no, we avoid burnout and that cranky feeling that comes with being depleted. How do you know what to say no to? I've got a short intuitive exercise that uses your body as a divination tool that will help with determining whether or not you say no.

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Stay Curious

A message for US Inauguration Day: After meditating today, I received the message that instead of panicking or grieving or being in fear or anger that today we should remain curious. Curious about what changes will come. Curious about how 50% see this as positive. Curious about what our own personal shadow side has to teach us. Curious about how we will change and evolve over the next four years. Why curiosity? Because if we are in a state of curiousity we cannot be in fear. We aren't assuming to know a situation or person and cast judgement, we are open. Available for Spirit to show us ALL that needs to be seen. So today, join me in being curious. Sending all my love.

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December 5th: Tapping Into Your Inner Strength

Knight of Stones ~ Horse & Desert Vision Quest It’s time to stop and take a break. This week calls for time spent alone either meditating or praying. Why? Your inner strength has been challenged by stress, anxiety and fear and you need to take the time to re-focus on your True North. You can’t do this surrounded by the noise and bustle of the Holiday Season.

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Day Seventeen: The Power of Prayer

They say prayer can move mountains, heal the sick, bring calm during the storm. When was the last time you prayed? I don’t think I’ve prayed in a while. I meditate, but I don’t recite formal prayers. If you can count a stream of conscious thought process said aloud to the Divine, then I prayed this afternoon, I suppose.

There’s something magical about a formal prayer. Maybe it’s the idea of a group of people bringing the energy together to create something good. Maybe it’s the often poetic nature of prayer. I mean it just sounds really good, so God/Divine must hear it right?

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Day Fifteen: Healing with Nature

Nature grounds us. Nature inspires us, surprises us. Nature breaks open our hearts and our minds. It creates awe.  Nature allows us to catch a glimpse of God. Nature allows us to heal in a way nothing else can. Watching a whale breech, an otter play, a deer roam, a fox hunt. All of these allow us to be perfectly present and in the moment. They let us slip away from our everyday and become immersed in something larger than us.

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August 8th: Lady of the Rose

Lady of the Rose from the Universal Wisdom Oracle. This week, tap into your intuitive self and rely on your inner wisdom. As souls, we possess wisdom and knowledge from the Other Side. As humans, we forget much of what we knew before we incarnated. Our lives are a process of re-remembering these Truths. Take time to carve out quiet time to access this knowledge within you. Reach out to your Spirit Team to help guide you and aid you in bringing important Soul Information to the surface of your conscious mind.

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